Home Interior

Bring the Home of Your Dreams to Life

Level Pro Home Services, Inc. is backed by over 27 years of experience and can help bring the home of your dreams to life with our home interior services. Visit us today in Stafford, TX to learn more about our services from our friendly staff.

 Our interior services include making computer generated plans for complete interior remodeling. We do everything from structural remodeling to making custom cabinets and countertops. Give us a call at 281-397-2299 to learn more about our interior services.

Detail-oriented interior services for your home

  • Flooring - carpet, tile wood and laminate

  • Finishing rooms (basements)

  • Structural remodeling

  • Kitchen or Bathroom remodeling (build and design)

  • Custom cabinets, doors and countertops

  • Painting

  • Sheet rock

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