Professional Painting Tips and Tricks to Paint Your Home like a PRO

couples doing painting at homePainting your home is one of the most common renovations that many homeowners will take on at some point in their lives. Whether it’s because you’ve moved into a new place and want to paint the walls, or if the old tenant has left some damage behind – painting is one of the easiest ways to refresh your home. However, even though painting may seem easy at first, anyone who has ever tried their hand at it knows that it takes practice to get good at it. We will show you some professional painting tips and tricks that can help give you professional results! If your home needs a fresh new coat of paint, then you’ve come to the right place.


Prepare Your Home for Painting

Before you even begin to paint, you must learn how to prepare your home for the process. This includes taking down pictures and other hanging objects and moving furniture out of rooms that will be painted. This also includes airing out the rooms to get rid of any smells that might interfere with your painting job or the overall smell of the home once it’s painted.


Use High-Quality Materials

This is an obvious tip, but it’s also essential. The more expensive materials will allow for finer control of paint flow and detail work, so investing some money in them can help! If you use lower quality paints, brushes, and so on than the high-quality ones, then your painting will look noticeably less professional.


Paint in High Humidity

Humidity can cause paint to dry too quickly, making it difficult for you to blend colors when painting. If the air is humid when you start a painting process, turn on your dehumidifier and let it run until the humidity in the room is low enough to keep your paints moist longer.


Use a Prime Coat

One of the best tips for getting professional results is using a prime coat before adding any color. This will help seal the wood stain and protect your home from the elements.


Choose Good Quality Exterior Paint

When it comes time to add paint, make sure you choose a good quality exterior paint that offers UV resistance and long-lasting protection from insects and the sun.


Use Masking Tape

When you’re ready to paint, make sure that you cover all surfaces with excellent masking tape available at hardware stores around the country. This will help keep your lines clean and crisp for a more professional looking job.


Paint in a Room with Good Ventilation

Several types of paint have strong odors, so you want to make sure there is enough air flowing through the room so that you can breathe easily while you are painting. This will also help clear out the room’s fumes when you are finished painting.


Use the Right Kind of Brush

Make sure that you paint with the right brush to get professional results. In most cases, you’ll want to use a 2″ or 3″ nap roller for smooth surfaces and an angled brush for tight spots and corners.


Choose a High-Quality Trim Paint

When it comes time to paint trim, choose a high-quality trim paint that matches your exterior paint and apply it with a good quality brush.


Wait for the Paint to Dry

Once you’re done painting, remember to let the paint dry before using any other coating on top of it, such as glaze or wax. This will ensure that everything is sealed properly and protects your home from the elements.


Clean up Your Tools and Brushes

Remember to always clean up your tools and brushes before putting them away to ensure that you don’t accidentally damage your paint job.


Take Your Time

One of the most important tips for painting is just taking your time. Rushing through a paint job will only cause trouble with clean lines, drips and overall failure in achieving professional results.



Painting is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to revive your home’s exterior and interior. With a bit of practice and these useful tips and tricks, you’ll be sure to paint like a pro.

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