Bathroom Remodeling Principles You Should Know Before Accepting Jobs

bathroom upgrade Bathroom remodeling may only concern a small space but it can enhance the overall feel of your home. After all, it’s no longer just a place to cleanse your body. Today, it’s also deemed as a zone for relaxation.

You can either go the DIY route or hire a contractor here in Houston, Texas to do the job for you. If you want a quick and error-free job, the latter will be the better choice. Before you hire, get to know the following principles:

  1. Stay within your budget.

Remodeling can either help or hurt you financially. It’s a boon if it boosts your home resale value. Updating your old toilet, faucet, and shower head is one way of ensuring a better return of investment. Changing the tile grout is also an easy and inexpensive means of improving your bathroom.

Furthermore, make sure you set and stick to a budget. You don’t have to go for automatic showers, toilets, faucets and lighting fixtures. If you can afford costly upgrades, you might want to invest more on in-floor heaters. You can choose between a hydronic system or an electronic mat.

  1. Find the balance between utility, safety, comfort, cost and beauty.

If it’s a personal bathroom, feel free to explore design themes. But if it’s for a household with kids, elders, physically challenged members, and/or pets, it is best to focus more on the safety, comfort, and needs of the vulnerable members. This may mean you have to forego frameless mirrors and shower doors. The good news is that there are other fancy designs you can choose from.

Don’t forget the maintenance costs. Bathroom remodeling lets you correct mistakes in the construction of the room and installation of fixtures. It also allows you to add energy and water efficient systems for your bathroom. Overall, it can lessen your monthly utility costs when done right.

  1. Consider the overall design theme of your home.

No one can stop you from having a bathroom with a Mediterranean design theme, even if the rest of your home has an industrial interior. However, the inconsistency may turn off potential buyers later on.

  1. Add personal touches.

Magazines, websites, and Pinterest boards can give you plenty of remodeling ideas. However, you don’t want your bathroom to look exactly like the picture you’ve seen, do you? Remodeling lets you add personal touches to your room so why not make the most out of it.

You can show your personal preference when it comes to choosing rugs, shower curtains, dresser handles, and wall sconces. You may also add a statement mirror if you want.

More Tips on Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

Being aware of your preferences, needs and budget can help narrow down your search for a contractor. Be as detailed as possible. You might want to present your own sketches or pictures of your preferred designs. These will help you achieve the bathroom that you want and need.

Once you’ve decided to hire a contractor, ask for a contract for the bathroom remodeling job. This will clearly define the scope of the project and help resolve issues that may crop up before the job is completed.

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