Is Your Bathroom In Need Of A Makeover?

Level Pro Home Services, Inc. can help you make your bathroom remodeling dreams a reality. Whether your aim is to give the space a style boost or make it more functional — or both — you can be sure that the competent and skilled experts of Level Pro Home Services, Inc. will do their best to meet your bathroom remodeling expectations.

Form and Function

Create more storage space and give your bath more room to breathe with thoughtful pieces such as under-sink cabinets and floating shelves. You can have them custom-made and professionally installed by Level Pro Home Services, Inc.

If your bathroom is quite cramped, install a medicine chest for more storage. It can be recessed, which takes up less space but requires more complicated installation. Top it off with a framed mirror to add drama and make this fixture look less utilitarian.

Don’t forget to install towel bars and hooks — they’re useful and great for holding towels, clothes, and what-not.

As for flooring options, consider non-slip materials, such as matte tiles. If you want to retain your handsome wooden flooring, make sure it’s sealed to prevent moisture and damage from wear and tear (and heavy foot traffic). Marbled tiles look opulent and luxurious, while bamboo is both modern and eco-friendly. Design tip: Using one material from floor to ceiling is not just easy on the pocket, but on the eyes as well — it looks modern and sleek.

Fixtures and Fittings

When choosing a tub, consider how much space you have, the layout of your bathroom, and your style preferences. We recommend looking for a tub that matches your sink and toilet, so they’re still usable even if you decide to change the room’s motif.

If tubs are not for you, you can opt for walk-in showers separated from the toilet and sink via glass panels. This option is better for the elderly and disabled — you can even install grab bars for safety and stability in the shower.

As for sinks and countertops, you have plenty of choices. A wall-mounted version is best if you want more floor space for your laundry basket and trash bin. A vanity sink provides ample storage below and on top as it comes with its own countertop. Meanwhile, a pedestal type is the typical one you’ll see in most homes — its simple base artfully hides plumbing and takes up little floor space.

Finishing Touches

Lighting can make or break any space, so where you place them is crucial. Sconces on both sides of a mirror or vanity table cast flattering light, while you might want to have a dimmer switch option for your relaxing soaks in the tub. You can get an old, unused chandelier and install it in your bathroom — it lends a hint of classic elegance to an otherwise stark space.

Relax In Style

You’re sure to unwind and de-stress to the fullest with your newly renovated bathroom, thanks to Level Pro Home Services, Inc. Their skilled experts can help you make the most of your bathroom, while their design pros can provide suggestions on how to amp up the space’s style factor.

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